Animation Of Double Crank-Locomotive Mechanism

Animation Of Double Crank-Locomotive Mechanism

Introduction :
When one of the links is fixed in a kinematic chain, it is called a mechanism. So we can obtain as many mechanisms as the number of links in a kinematic chain by fixing, in turn, different links in a kinematic chain.

This method of obtaining different mechanisms by fixing different links in a kinematics chain is known as inversion of the mechanism.

Types of inversion

1. Four bar chain or quadric cycle chain
  • Beam engine
  • Coupling rod of locomotive
  • Watt’s indicator mechanism
2. Single slider crank chain
  • Bull engine or pendulum engine
  • Oscillating cylinder engine
  • Rotary engine
  • Crank & slotted quick return mechanism
  • Whitworth quick return mechanism
3. Double slider crank
  • Elliptical trammels
  • Scotch yoke mechanism
  • Old-ham's coupling
Coupling rod of locomotive

Coupling rod of a locomotive (Double crank mechanism). The mechanism of a coupling 
rod of a locomotive (also known as double crank mechanism) which consists of four links, is shown 
in Fig. 
In this mechanism, the links AD and BC (having equal length) act as cranks and are connected 
to the respective wheels. The link CD acts as a coupling rod and the link AB is fixed in order 
to maintain a constant centre to centre distance between them. This mechanism is meant for transmitting 
rotary motion from one wheel to the other wheel.
Diagram Of Locomotive Mechanism
Diagram Of Locomotive Mechanism

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