Operation Performed On Shaping Machine Or Shaper.

Shaping Machine Operation :

 The main functions of shaping machines are to produce flat surfaces in different planes. Fig. shows the basic principle of generation of flat surface by shaping machine. The cutting motion provided by the linear forward motion of the reciprocating tool and the intermittent feed motion provided by the slow transverse motion of the job along with the bed result in producing a flat surface by gradual removal of excess material layer by layer in the form of chips. The vertical infeed is given either by descending the tool holder or raising the bed or both. Straight grooves of various curved sections are also made in shaping machines by using specific form tools. The single point straight or form tool is clamped in the vertical slide which is mounted at the front face of the reciprocating ram whereas the workpiece is directly or indirectly through a vice is mounted on the bed.

Cutting Operation On Shaper Machine
Cutting Operation On Shaper Machine 

Main Application Of Shaping Machine ;
It is already mentioned that shaping machines are neither productive nor versatile. However, its limited applications include :
  • Machining flat surfaces in different planes. Fig.  shows how flat surfaces are produced in shaping machines by single point cutting tools in
 (a) Horizontal, 
(b) Vertical and 
(c) Inclined planes.

  •  Making features like slots, steps etc. which are also bounded by flat surfaces. Fig. visualises the methods of machining
(a) slot,
(b) pocket
(c) T-slot and 
(d) Vee-block in shaping machine by single point tools.

shaping operation on flat surface
shaping operation on flat surface
  • Forming grooves bounded by short width curved surfaces by using single point but form tools. Fig.  typically shows how
 (a) oil grooves and 
(b) straight tooth of spur gears can be made in shaping machine 

Typical application Of Shaping Machine
Typical application Of Shaping Machine
  • Some other machining applications of shaping machines are cutting external keyway and splines, smooth slitting or parting, cutting teeth. of rack for repair etc. using simple or form type single point cutting tools. Some unusual work can also be done, if needed, by developing and using special attachments.
Gear cutting On Shaper Machine
Gear cutting On Shaper Machine 
However, due to very low productivity, less versatility and poor process capability, shaping machines are not employed for lot and even batch production. Such low cost primitive machine tools may be reasonably used only for little or few machining work on one or few pieces required for repair and maintenance work in small machine shops.

Keyway Cutting
Keyway cutting on shaper is complete by holding work piece in a vice through using a V-block. The axis of shaft is set parallel to movement of stroke by the help of dial indicator. The position of shaft is done by dial indicator as of top with the side of shaft. Keyway cutting process is carrying out just similar to cutting groove on shaper. The major dissimilarity among groove cutting and keyway cutting lies in the way of holding the work piece.

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