19 Methods Of Manufacturing Of all types of Gears

19 Methods Of Manufacturing Of all types of Gears

Gears are most important power transmission device used in mechanical assemblies. Gears are varies with respect to  types , size , module, numbers of teeth on gears. Further gears may vary depending on pressure ration and pitch circle diameter. There are some manufacturing methods are available for producing the gears. 

Gear manufacturing can be divided into two categories namely forming and machining as shown in flow chart in Fig . Forming consists of direct casting, molding, drawing, or extrusion of tooth forms in molten, powdered, or heat softened materials and machining involves roughing and finishing operations.

Gear manufacturing Chart
Gear manufacturing Chart
Gear Manufacturing Methods:
  •  Forming:
  1. Casting 
  2. Sintering
  3. injection moulding
  4. Extruding 
  5. Cold drawing
  6. Stamping
  7. Preforming
  8. forging
  • Machining
  1. Roughing
  2. Form milling
  3. Rack generations
  4. gear shaping
  5. Hobbing
  6. Finishing
  7. Grinding
  8. Burnishing
  9. lapping
  10. Honing

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