Electromagnetic Embossing machine project

 Electromagnetic Embossing machine project

Abstract Electromagnetic Embossing machine 

Conventionally in many manufacturing industries, embossing operation is carried out manually using jigs and fixtures or by means of a machine. These machines are mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. These machines are costlier for manufacturing, installation and for maintenance also. Along with the running cost of these types of machines is also high. An electromagnetic embossing machine proves itself better against these machines in respect with above said points. This project is about building a working prototype of above said electromagnetic embossing machine. In this machine embossing operation is carried out in project work on very thin aluminum sheet or other soft material. In the machine there’s an electromagnet which incorporates a plunger passing through it. 

The plunger is allowed for vertical motion through electromagnet. The plunger carries an iron core fixed to its upper end, and to the lower end of the same a tool holder is attached, this tool holder holds an embossing tool that is used for cutting the pipe. The plunger is hanged with the help of springs. A working material is placed just bellow the embossing tool. Entire assembly is fixed into some kind of housing or body. Whenever electromagnet is made on it pulls the iron core toward it the plunger is forced into downward direction, which pushes the embossing tool against the work (raw) material, thus embossing is carried out, after making the electromagnet dead the spring pulls back the plunger into its original position making it ready for another working stroke, meanwhile the embossed piece of material is retracted. 
 Electromagnetic Embossing machine
Diagram Of   Electromagnetic Embossing machine
Main parts of Embossing Machine:
  • Electromagnet
  • iron Core
  • Plunger
  • body
  • Springs
  • Tool Holders
  • Embossing Tools
  • Die
  • Body

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