(Buy Project) 23.Project On Combination of Drilling, Grinding and Hacksaw Cutting Machine

(Buy Project) 23. Multipurpose power tools-Combination Of Drilling, Hacksaw Cutting Machine and Grinding Machine.

                 Now a day mechanical work  is modernized  but still we are using  separate tools for separate operations  this is also time consuming and power consuming because we using separate motors for separate operation so it require   lot of space as well and  maintenance  

                Our project is to overcome above listed problems our project is mainly build for simplify mechanical tools and reduce tools cost as well 

               In our project we combining three main mechanical tools those are drilling, cutting, grinding . 

This project use single motor to drive all three tools and assembled in single module of area of 3*3feet.

This tools are driven by single motor so in case of power consumption it plays huge role to reduce that cost in small sale industries   we using high efficient  dc motor so  it an can also run on battery in power less  situation and outdoors  and remote areas   in absence of power grid 

       By this project we reduce the equipment initial cost by large scale and it simple to use also it  save power bill  in long run  it redefine workshop   environment  now we looking at now a  days

Project Design :

1) Power transmission mechanism For Combination of Drilling, Cutting, and grinding Machine.
Power Source is Motor.

multipupose machine-grinding-drilling Combination

2) You Can see job Holding technique:

job holding

3) Mechanism For cutting Machine-i.e. to drive Hacksaw Slider Mechanism Is Used.

hacksaw Mechanism used in this project

4) For Drilling Machine Bevel Gears are used which transfer power in right angle Direction.

drilling machine power drive


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