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Triveni Turbine Campus Interview Experience

Triveni Turbines is the company placed at benglore. They actually manufactures steam turbine. Last week campus interview is held in shivaji university. I had gone through whole the procedure.
Procedure :
1) Aptitude test:
  • As previously explained the aptitude test is taken by CoCubes is online website which conduct the test online. Your Registration must be done by your college TPO. The candidates will receive the username and password via gmail individually or separate list may forward to your departments. At the time of test you will get the key to start the test. As you know aptitude syllabus for all branches. Follow the syllabus given in the last posts.
  • Technical questions were simple but some were logical and tricky. Aptitude section was little bit easy to solve. No calculations were involved because less time was allowed.  Total number of questions were 100 and time for test was 60 minutes. All questions are purely theoretical.Some Aptitude questions were based on mirror image.
  • When you crack the aptitude successfully then next elimination round will be group discussion.
  • In aptitude test, those who has achieved more than 75 marks out of 100, they directly. Selected for personal interviews and those who got 65 to 75 they were need to crack group discussion round.
2) Group Discussion :
Group discussions were much more tough than aptitude test. We were divided into groups which have total 12 number's of candidates. Among each group they were selecting only one student.
Group discussion topics were:
1.  Discipline
2.  Need of primary Education
3.  E-library advantages over conventional library.
4. Indian country - development and services provided by Indian entrepreneur.
This GD topics will be explained later. Keep visiting....

3)  Personal Interviews.
This is last step of selection process but one more interview is taken in main plant.  Those candidates who got selected in PI, they need to crack this plant interview for final selection.
In personal interviews some questions were about final year projects, some about your favorite subject, some HR question like tell me about your self ? , about family background. Be careful about your last year project and favorite subject.  You should give proper answer of the technical questions. Technical questions may be from your favorite subject.
If you pass all this steps then you will invite to final interview which conducted in main plant.


  1. sir i just want to know that what are that hte technical subjects cover which part mostly..
    i mean what are the topics that i need to focus on to clear the technical questions part.

  2. In technical parts they asked mainly on fluid mechanics (Hydraulic turbines) ,Thermal engineering (Steam Turbine -Basic Laws) ,Machine Design as well as IC Engine and few on Refrigeration and air conditions

    Some questions was very basic like what is unit of pressure likewise you should prepare for basic as much as possible .

    best luck

  3. I forget to mention One thing they WILL NOT ask any numerical (Mathematics or Problems) in the technical section.

  4. Thnx for the above informations...

  5. hey! I am going under the process, and exactly going the way that it is stated

    1. rahul please share questions and experience

  6. How can I get sample papers of aptitude mainly technical questions for triveni turbines placement drive ,please help me

    1. Questions are not available but please refer syllabus to prepare for campus interview

  7. sir will u pls tell me after how many days of selection in written gd and tR....they called students for final banglore

    1. it could take 5 to 6 month (not sure depend on company but they will call you for interview as early as possible)

    2. I havE clerared all rounds upto TR ,In how many days i can expect the TR result?

    3. wait ,they will invite you for final interview soon .best of luck

  8. How many Technical questions and How much Aptitude

  9. Sir triveni turbines is coming in our campus for electrical engg students pls tell me the technical syllabus I should study


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