Important Gate Topics For Mechanical Engineering (ME)- Mechanical Gate Basic Concepts

Gate 2016 -Important Gate Concept-Important Gate Topics For Mechanical (ME)

1.      Carburization (Metallurgy)
2.      Shear force in riveted joint (Machine Design)
3.      Current requirement in spot welding (Joining method)
4.      Sheet metal working (Joining method)
5.      Low carbon steel (Metallurgy)
6.      Rake angle’s effect (Theory of metal cutting)
7.      Mean friction angle (Theory of metal cutting)
8.      Tool geometry, Tool signature (Theory of metal cutting)
9.      Single cutting point tool (Theory of metal cutting)

10.     ECM electrodes (Modern machining methods)
11.     Point to point cutting NC system (CAD/CAM)
12.     Boiler rating (Power plant application)
13.     Steam and vapor cycle, Rankine cycle (Power plant application)
14.     Brake thermal efficiency (Thermodynamics)
15.     Diffuser, super and subsonic diffuser geometry (Turbo machinery)
16.     Specific speeds of pumps and turbines (Fluid machines)
17.     Unit speeds of pumps and turbines (Fluid machines)
18.     Thermal efficiency (Thermodynamics, Power plant)
19.     Heat transfer from fin, insulated tips (Heat transfer)
20.     COP of refrigeration and heat pump (Refrigeration)
21.     Deformation (Strength of Materials)
22.     Instantaneous centre (Theory of machines)
23.     Spherical roller bearing ( Machine Design)
24.     Fatigue strength ( Machine Design)
25.     Iron carbon diagram (Metallurgy)
26.     Casting types and design of castings (Manufacturing)
27.     Type of non-conventional processes (Manufacturing)
28.     Pitot tubes, Mcloyed gauge, planimeter, LVDT (Measurement systems)
29.     Unit speed of turbines(Fluid machines)
30.     Bernoulli's equation (Fluid mechanics)
31.     DC/AC welding, straight and reverse polarity (Welding Technology -manufacturing)
32.     Shaft and hole, tolerance and interference (Machine Design)
33.     Milling table speed, turning and drilling speed, feed rate ( manufacturing)
34.     Centrifugal casting ( manufacturing)
35.     NC machines ( manufacturing)
36.     Gas turbine cycles, reheating processes (Power plant engineering)
37.     Regeneration and co-generation (Power plant engineering)
38.     Properties of Refrigerant (Refrigeration)
39.     Radiative heat transfer, Stefan Boltzmann constant. (Heat and mass transfer)
40.     Equivalent evaporation of boiler and enthalpy of evaporation (Power plant engineering)
41.     Cavitation and vapor pressure (Thermodynamics-Fluid mechanics)
42.     Mohr’s circle radius (Strength of Materials)
43.     Strain energy due to bending (Strength of Materials)
44.     No of degree of freedom (Theory of Machines)
45.     Soderberg equation (Machine Design)


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