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Selection Of Mechanical Final Year Project 2016

Many of you may be confuse about project selection because lots of topics are available on internet as well as your seniors might have told you some guidelines.

Why this Project work ?

Benefits of final year project
Your final year project (BE or ME) can help you in the following ways:
1) You can increase your overall percentage by scoring 90 to 95% marks through a good project.

2) An industry-oriented project can add extra weightage to your resume and help you get a good job in the core mechanical industry.A technically good project can give you an added advantage if you are planning for higher studies in US, UK, Germany etc.Hence, make your final-year project valuable even if it takes a little more time and effort.

3) Choose Right Industry:
You can choose one of the following industries for your project:
Aerospace, Automobile, Marine, HVAC, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Turbo-machines, Machine-tools, Appliances etc.

4) Choose the right type
You can choose one of the following types:

1) Experimental Projects:
This type of projects need good lab-facilities and  hi-tech instruments for measuring your experimental set-up accurately.  Only IITs and IISc have such facilities. Students from Tier II and  private colleges try their best but mostly end-up in cooking-up the  results or change the project at the last moment due to non-availability  of the above facilities.Also it involves more time and cost  for setting up the project for those students who are already tightly  scheduled with final-exams or campus interviews.This type is feasible for those who don’t have such constraints.

2) Design Projects:
CAE Projects – Stress analysis, dynamic analysis etc. of aero, auto or mechanical systems can be done through these  projects. New design, Improving performance, optimization can be  accomplished. FEM based software like ANSYS, NASTRAN, RADIOSS, HYPERMESH  etc. can be used.

CFD Projects – Flow analysis, Thermal analysis, Aerodynamics improvement are the typical projects. This uses software like FLUENT, STAR-CCM+ are used for CFD analysis.Flexibility and accuracy are the major advantages in this type of projects.However it needs some additional training. To know more…Job Opportunities

Interviewers give more weightage for good projects.
CAE or CFD projects in Aerospace and automobile systems have more job opportunities in India, US, Europe and Japan

Selection Of Mechanical Final Year Project 2016

1) Firstly Choose type of project and interested area i.e. Production based project, automobile projects, design based project, CAD/CAM/CIM Projects etc. 

To browse Use list just Go to Mechanical Project Huge List :

Mechanical Project List 

Browse By Categories :

11) CAD | CAM | CIM | Mechanical Projects List


Refer this for more Projects Full Report and ppt : Mechanical Project Concept Discussion

2) After topic is finalized look for abstract for Project here:
Few Project abstracts are given On our site you can check it

3) Do search For related Journal papers available about your  topic.
Best Journal Papers Downloading sites :

4) By referring Journal And books design your project model ,finalize the dimesnsions.

5) Fabricate the model.

6) Prepare Report and PPT  


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